Shunga Intimate Kisses Massage Oil

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This tasty treat is sure to delight both you and your lover; flavored and sweet, it also features a warming sensation to set the senses tingling when it is gently blown on or licked off. Presented in a boudoir worthy glass bottle, the jewel tone liquid inside looks as good as it tastes. Product does not contain oil, allowing this lubricant to be safely used with latex condoms.

  • Enhance sexual feeling and sensation of your sensual areas with Shunga Aphrodisiac Oil for Lovers
  • Apply, and then gently, rub, a small amount of oil on the desired area
  • Blow on it rub it lightly, and let the oil heating stimulant work the magic
  • Then, gently savor your lover body, use freely on any part of the body





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