Shunga Edible Body Powder

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Soft, cuddly with skin, edible aterciopelantes and accomplices, honey powders are finding to explore new complicity.

Allow full sensual experience: imagination, laughter and play are triggered by scattering on sensitive areas with a mischievous fellow pen-that is included-, the strokes are guaranteed to notice the new smoothness and softness of the skin, and the tremors, sensory enjoyment, playfulness and passion explode when he licked tickled points by pen or by eating and / or devour lover, with exquisite delicacy with parsimony or voraciously greedy.

Shunga Sweet Snow Body Powder in Strawberries. Turn your lover's body into a sweet dessert perfect for kissing and licking when you sprinkle on Sweet Snow. This sensual body powder is a light edible treat that dusts the skin with an irresistible Strawberries & Champagne scent and taste.

Sweet Snow can also be used to scent the skin, and as a talc-like powder. Satin bag contains 227g. Make a sweet dessert out of your partner. Sprinkle this exciting flavour all over your partner's body. Softly, use the feather to tease the skin and make your partner shudder all over. Then, treat yourself to dessert!



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