Minds Of Love Seducer

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Minds of Love gave this rabbit vibrator the right name when they called it the Seducer. This well-priced and popular battery-powered rabbit vibrator is a great choice for those new to sex toys. 

The bulbous head to the internal shaft mimics the shape of an erect penis, with a little extra curve to ensure it reaches the magical g-spot for excellent internal stimulation. On the outside, the flexible shorter arm pinpoints the clitoris to drive your desire with added sensation. 

Each shaft has its own motor, and the six settings allow you to switch between motors or use both at the same time, on a range of different strengths. The Seducer is waterproof and quiet, so it’s discreet for use in the bedroom, bathroom or beyond. It’s made from bodysafe silicone that’s phthalate free,anti-allergenic, and easy to clean. 

Use the Seducer with a good waterbased lubricant to prolong the life of your toy.



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