Malesation Waist Plug

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The Malesation waist plug is a anal toy with serious attitude. The multi levelled design adds not only varying sizes but also gaps between the bumps of increasing size. This design means you have control in how much you are able to take but also makes inserting and extraction an experience all in its own. Measuring in at 15,3cm in length with the widest bump being 5,2cm in diameter you not only get a very full feeling but will also be acutely aware of the last bump entering or exiting you.

This may sound intimidating but really all you need is good high quality lube and a little bit of training to not only enjoy what it has to offer but love the experience as whole.

The suction cup base is strong and will hold on to almost any smooth surface like tiles or glass. The silicone is odourless, non porous and very durable. So as long as you use the correct lubrication and do not leave it lying in direct sunlight for extended periods of time this naughty toy should last you a very long time. recommends using the Malesation waist plug for anal play with a friend or by yourself whether your a guy or girl, intermediate or expert anal stimulator.

  1. hypo-allergenic (good for sensitive skin)
  2. non-porous (waterproof and easy to clean)
  3. smooth to the touch (for the pleasure of it)
  4. flexible and durable (it will last a long time if treated kindly)
  5. body safe and free of harmful chemicals

The Malesation waist plug is best used with the highest quality water based lubricant like the ones we stock. Only use water based lubricants when playing with your silicone sex toy to ensure your butt plug lasts as long as possible. Clean it before and after use with either warm soapy water or one of our toy cleaners and wait for it to dry before storing it away.



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