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Next-level kegel exerciser for the greatest pelvic strength

Take your pelvic fitness to the next level with Ami +, strengthening your pelvic muscles to optimum strength, while providing enhanced sensitivity and more intense, easier-to-achieve orgasms.

Choosing Ami+ indicates you already have a strong PC muscle.

If you are not 100% sure about your PC muscle strength, we recommend you start with our 3-step Ami ball kit.

 Wearing Ami+ is like a fitness routine: we recommend that you wear it 3 to 4 times a week from 20 minutes to 1 hour maximum.

 There are many different Kegel exercises, and some may suit you more than others, please check our manual for more info.

A small, hard and heavy double ball - this is the most advanced Ami for experienced users. Easy to use and completely comfortable, you can try wearing Ami around the house at first, then venturing out wearing them for longer periods of time - no one will ever know!

Pleasure for you

Regular use of Ami+ will tone and strengthen your PC muscle, so you can enjoy enhanced sensitivity and more intense, easy-to-achieve orgasms. Ami+ contains little balls, which rumble inside you, producing a discreet arousing sensation while you're exercising. 

Pleasure for him

If you have a male partner, Ami+ can lead to a richer sexual experience when you use your improved PC muscle to grip and tease during intercourse. 


Discover a lifetime of health benefits when you begin using Ami+, whatever your age.


Using Ami+ before a pregnancy can protect and train your vagina by preparing the PC muscle for delivery. After birth, Ami+ can speed up your muscular recovery, and the enhanced tightness you’ll achieve will increase sensitivity for you and your partner during sex.


Strengthening your PC muscle can enhance your natural vaginal lubrication and sexual response, plus it can prevent prolapses and lead to better urinary control during the physiological changes of menopause.

Deeper richer sensations 

Ami+ has been designed with the softest velvety 100% body safe silicone for the greatest comfort while in use.

Advanced Kegel balls

Your PC muscle The pubococcygeus (PC muscle) is the hammock-like muscle that stretches from your public bone to coccyx, supporting your pelvic organs and internal genitalia. A strong PC muscle is the key to more intense orgasms and greater urinary control, as well as helping during childbirth

Ami+ We worked with top medical specialists to create the most challenging PC muscle workout. At 136g, Ami+ will help you train your muscle to reach its optimum strength.



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