Glass Vibrations Glasdildo GV-Lady No 01

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Exclusive designer glass dildos in high quality shatterproof glass. Very high quality gift box with magnetic closure. Each pack contains a cloth storage bag.

Two is Better! This noble pair of glass dildo twins is more than a discreet piece of jewelry for your bedside table. It will pamper you in a double pack during your enjoyable use. The two heads are nice and smooth and tickle your G-point. Let this work of art work on you and enjoy strong highlights.To quench your love hunger on the go, you can also easily take this glass dildo in your purse. 

* Note on the safety against breakage: 
Our glass toys are made of shatter-proof glass so that there is no danger of splintering or breakage during normal handling. Exceptions are falls from high altitude and on hard ground. Please be careful when using with lubricants, oils or when cleaning with soap, as glass toys can slide out of the hand very easily.

Weight incl. Packaging: 384 g
Length: 15.5 cm
Ø shank: 2.5 cm
Ø head: 3,4 cm



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