G-Vibe Gring 2 in 1 Finger Vibe & Remote Control

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The G Ring is a vibrator that when positioned on your finger, or thumb, acts as a powerful finger vibe. Designed with an adjustable type arm to fit snugly around your finger, this vibe allows precise stimulation and features 6 vibrations modes with varied intensities ranging from light stimulation to intense power. Made of premium hypoallergenic silicone, the G Ring is super smooth and silky soft to the touch. 100% waterproof, you can use the G ring to stimulate all of your erotic spots, from clitoral, to anal, to perineum. 

The best feature of the G Ring is that it also acts as a remote control for your G-Plug or your G-Jack, allowing you to use this product as either a stimulating toy or as a remote control for your other G-Vibe toys.

"It started out like any other sales pitch really, and we held the butt plugs and they were nice and then he showed us the finger vibe and I admit I was like…’meh’. But then he used the G-Ring as a remote control. For BOTH G-Plugs. That’s right, he was controlling both plugs at the same time. Now, I was interested."


- 6 setting finger vibrator
- Can be used as a remote control for the G-Plug and G-Jack products
- Vibrations from light and tingly to intense and powerful
- Intuitive controls
- Made from luxury body safe silicone
- 1 Hour play time
- Magnetic charger included - 2 hours initial charge time
- Travel Lock



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