G-Vibe Gballs 2

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Ft London calls the G-Balls 2 your ‘personal sex-fitness coach’. With a cute and effective app to help you stay on target and reach your pelvic fitness goals, it certainly fits that description. 

G-Balls 2 is a kegel exerciser that makes use of the latest technology to record your pelvic fitness and help you to improve. The G-Balls themselves vibrate as you squeeze them, and send signals via Bluetooth to the app to record your performance as you exercise. Follow the exercise programs in the app and you’ll soon see the benefits in increased pelvic floor control and a much better sex life. 

G-Balls are easy to use. Download the app to your phone (its free for Apple and Android phones), pair your G-Balls, then insert the G-Balls and you’re ready to go. A bit of waterbased lube will help with insertion, but the small balls with smooth silicone coating should be relatively easy to manage. 

The G-Balls 2 are 2 weighted balls in one silicone casing, with a silicone pull cord for easy removal. They weigh 54 grams in total.The G-Balls 2 come with a lovely little drawstring bag to keep them in when you’re not exercising.


- G-Ball App controlled vibrating kegel balls
- Personalized virtual coach
- Voice Guide
- Daily Target
- Badges & Reward system to keep you motivated
- 6 individualized training courses
- Helps you exercise the correct pelvic muscles
- Ultra sensitive pressure monitor
- Uses Bluetooth technology
- Works in non-app mode too
- 54g
- 31 x 82 mm
- Silicone draw string for easy removal and cleaning
- 4 hours run time
- Waterproof

- 2 weighted balls in a silicone casing - 54g in total
- User guide
- Storage bag
- USB charger



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