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Kegels for all!

Fun facts: 1) The muscles in your pelvic floor contract when you orgasm. 2) A stronger pelvic floor can mean bigger orgasms. 3) Using those muscles to hold a weighted ball inside your vagina strengthens them.

Train your body for bigger, better orgasms!
The ideal Kegel weight for beginners or for someone with a tilted uterus or who’s had a hysterectomy
Insert this silky silicone ball and hold on.
A small interior weight rolls and rumbles as you move, making your muscles work harder.
Use regularly to prevent incontinence, recover from childbirth, maintain sexual health, and strengthen your muscles for better sex.
Wear it out – you’ll forget it’s there!
Tapered for easy insertion
Recommended by gynecologists and midwives
Made of body-safe materials – Love yourself.



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