Fun Factory Lovering Rain

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RAIN - for sex like a summer rain: refreshing, strong – nice and long

For a maximum erection
Very flexible, one size fits all
Stimulates the clitoris
Made from 100% medical grade silicone, hypoallergenic, easy to clean

Size: 2.2 in, ø 0.7 in
Placed at the base of the penis, the RAIN works by creating a build-up of blood resulting in a hard erection and longer-lasting lovemaking. For the partner, it’s an additional benefit, because the RAIN also stimulates the clitoris. The RAIN is very elastic, fits all sizes, and is pleasant to wear. LOVERING RAIN, like a wet dream.

A stretchy cock ring that makes quite a splash
Feel harder and more sensitive, and even last longer
Fits all sizes
Made of body-safe silicone – Love yourself.



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