Endless Nights Of Amazing Sex! Adult Game

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A board game for two players, Endless Nights of Amazing the Sex! Board Game for Adults will inspire and delight both you and your lover. By the end of it you’ll wonder whether there really are any winners or losers as you discover your partner’s fantasies, turn on’s and what they secretly desire between the sheets.

Roll the die and move around the board, picking up corresponding cards when instructed, engaging in erotic foreplay and tantalising treats that will get you both hot and ready for more. Earn sex position cards by answering sex themed trivia questions. Get the question right and draw a Sex! card. If you like the look and sound of the suggested sex act, place it in the middle of the board. When you and your partner reach 6 Sex! cards, the game is over and you get to play out the 6 suggested actions. Teamwork will definitely result in mutual satisfaction when playing this adult board game.



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