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You thought you had seen and tried them all, but then came along Billy Boy Contour condoms that don’t only blow your mind, but your hormones too!

This one-of-a-kind condom has a unique feature to it. Can you try and guess what it is?

No? I didn’t think so. Let me inform you:

Billy Boy Contour has an integrated ring for a safe, yet snug fit underneath the primary gland which ever so gently restricts the blood flow which in turn makes you last longer – and of course increases the sensitivity!

These endurance booster condoms are transparent in colour, are made of natural latex rubber, have a reservoir AND a skin-friendly film topped off with the ‘cherry on top’ – a contoured shape.

If your partner has always had a problem with you not lasting long enough, surprise her and yourself by giving her the longest lasting, most intense lovemaking, sweaty, kick-ass session of all time.

Not to mention the safety features of these pregnancy-preventers! Electronically tested and known as the number one condom brand in Germany, you have no need to worry about safety. Get straight into the bang of things.

No more having to worry about the condom slipping off mid-sexy time either as the ring will keep it in place at all times – all you have to do is put it on and enjoy the ride until the very end.

With the wall thickness of this condom only being 0,1mm it will have an all natural feel when being put to use and is suitable for all sizes as the condom length – without the reservoir – reaches a proud length of 175mm and the width 52mm.

Don’t hesitate to buy the Billy Boy Contour as it is guaranteed to make you last longer, even in the hardest of times!



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