Billy Boy Coloured Condoms 3's

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If you are looking for one of the most trusted condoms out there, no need to look any further. Billy Boy Condoms are derived from Germany, but not to worry, it is now available at Bella Rouge for those in need of a trusted brand.

Besides the safety factor, comfort is also a guaranteed trait of these bad boys, that are made out of 100% superior latex and are, in fact, hand dipped. Now isn’t that one of a kind?

Besides what lies inside the packet, the packaging of the condoms themselves makes it virtually impossible not to buy them as they all have unique and humorous branding, in their ads, too.

You might wonder why this brand stands out (or up) from the other well-known penis gowns – well, its latex is natural and is what gives you that comforting sensation you have been seeking.

Besides comfort, safety is ensured, these condoms are electronically tested.

Whether you simply want to have safe sex with your partner or want to put a stop to having child number who knows what, Billy Boy Condoms can guarantee satisfaction.

Billy Boy Condoms are lubricated with a silicone base which makes them as slick and smooth as you could imagine – just picture the pleasure you gain from this aspect of these genital gloves. Not only will you love it, but your partner will too.

Just when you think that that is where it ends, here’s another fun fact – they come in three different colours – red, green and black. Three different colours give you three different reasons to convince your partner for a second and third round, you’re welcome!

Like they say, third time lucky! This truly is the condom brand that provides a bang.

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