Bijoux Wanderlust Dark Chocolate Erotic Gift Set

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Pack the Bijoux Indiscrets Wanderlust Erotic Gift Set and you’ll be able to take erotic pleasure and fun away with you, wherever you travel. This attractive romantic gift set includes dark chocolate massage oil, warming dark chocolate massage oil, silicone massage gel, oral pleasure lip gloss, feather tickler and satin wrist restraints.

Designed to stimulate all five of yours and your lover’s senses, use the six luxurious products together. Allow the scent of the aphrodisiac dark chocolate to arouse you both, while the hot and cold effect of the lip balm, soft strokes of the feather and gentle pressure of the satin wrist ties, means your lover won’t fail to feel the passion between you.

All products in the Bijoux Indiscrets Wanderlust Dark Chocolate Erotic Gift Set are made using natural ingredients, free from parabens and suitable for vegans.



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