Bathmate Hydromax7 Wide Boy

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Maximise Your Girth with Hydromax7 Wide Boy.

If you’re particularly girthy, that’s a positive - girthier penises can add an extra level of pleasure in bed for you and any partner. However, it can make it hard to find a penis pump that’s ideal for you, stopping you from developing an even bigger penis and more powerful erections. We’ve designed the Hydromax7 Wide Boy for you, with an extra-wide chamber giving you maximum pressure and real, significant results. 

The standard Hydromax7 unit accommodates for a girth up to 6.5 inches, but the Wide Boy goes even further, accommodating for any penis above this width. Head over to our penis size guide to find out about a couple of effective techniques for accurately measuring your girth! 

When you use our powerful hydropumps, you should start to see real results for size, erection quality and sexual confidence in about a month. With 92% of Hydromax users satisfied (and a 60-day returns option if you’re one of the rare few who isn’t), you can be sure of real, lasting change with a Bathmate Hydromax7 Wide Boy.


Our Hydromax series is the world’s best-selling model of penis pump, a completely redesigned version of our original hydropumps. With great results, a convenient, easy-to-use design, and a wide range of powerful features, you can be sure of genuine, lasting improvements when you use a Bathmate Hydromax. 

Ideal for both new and experienced users, the Hydromax7 Wide Boy can easily be used in the bath, shower, or even by a sink - just add water. 

This hydropump was previously known as the Hydromax X30 Wide Boy.




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