Bathmate Cleaning Kit

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Keeping your penis pump clean ensures best results (and your safety). If you’re looking for the perfect way to keep your pump totally clean, the Bathmate Cleaning Kit is the best possible choice, combining the following useful accessories to give you maximum results:

  • The Bathmate Cleaning Brush, a specially designed set made for cleaning hydropumps, with 2 sponges (for the pump chamber and bellows) as well as an extendable handle.
  • Two high-quality, Bathmate-branded towels to dry off your hydropump after use, rather than just leaving it out in the open to dry.
  • A durable and discreet Bathmate carry case, making it far more convenient to take your hydropump with you if you’re out on the road.

The kit also includes a free sample of our antibacterial Bathmate Clean. Designed to clean any intimately used product, whether it’s one of our penis pumps or a sex toy, Bathmate Clean ensures totally effective hygiene.



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