Angels Never Sin Tessili Thong

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Another offer of ANGELS NEVER SIN is a very minimalist, but hellish sexy panties, which guaranteed to be a few men will speed up your heartbeat. TESSILI is a classic thong on thin straps, made only with elasticated elasticated ears and extremely fine, pulling crowns. The front part of the model is swept with a soft cloth and is just below it, which is a powerful provocation for the senses. Above the cut is a discreet jewelery adornment. The rear is attracted by a very similar design and a beautifully pointed back. The whole presents itself extremely seductively and attractively, and the greatest benefits of the female body are beautifully emphasized. To add the highest quality of the fabric and care for the finest details, we will not only gain a great glamor in the course of love flashes but also a bold addition to everyday stylizations.

Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane



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