Angels Never Sin Sottile Thong

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The ANGELS NEVER SIN brand is a great choice for women who appreciate their comfortable wearing, non-woven pattern and unrepeatable, sexy charm elaborated in the detail of underwear. The SOTTILE thong is stitched from a delicate and transparent lace embellished with the fine floral motif. From the front are the provoking crack senses, which are decorated with sweet satin bows. The same extension is also located between the buttocks rear. The pants are finished off with a charming frill, which adds to the girl's playful fashion and dance lightness. The whole is finished with a black trim, which, together with a suitable cut and high quality material, guarantees not only an ideal fit for the figure, but also an emphasis on the natural beauty of the buttocks, the roundness of the loins and the slender belly.

Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane



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