Bella Rouge Lingerie Size Guide

Having trouble deciding which size will work best for you? Our lingerie size guide will assist you when you are buying lingerie online. Please remember that we do not accept returns on lingerie, so you must be confident that the size is right for you.

When you buy corsets or bustiers, check this lingerie size chart

for accurate underwear measurements before making your lingerie purchases. This lingerie size chart explains the sizing options available for babydolls, bra sets, bustiers and corsets. We'll help you find the perfect bra cup size to boost your bosoms!

SMALL/ S 32 A - B
MEDIUM/ M 34 B - C
LARGE/ L 36 C - D
X-LARGE / XL 38 D - E
1X/ XXL 40 E - F
2X/ XXXL 42 F - G
3X/ XXXXL 44 G - H
ONE SIZE 32 - 36 A - C
ONE SIZE-PLUS 38 - 42 C- F



Babydolls :

These are fairly loose-fitting pieces so don't panic too much whether you are a size 34 or 36. If it has adjustable straps it can always be adjusted to fit your bust.

Bodystocking Lingerie:

These risqué pieces don't offer much support in the cup size area, so regardless of your breast size concentrate more on your standard waist and hip measurements. These erotic pieces usually have quite a lot of give and stretch to accommodate your chest region.

Corsets :

These sexy pieces are designed to be very fitted so as to enhance the waist and accentuate the bust. Keep in mind most corsets do have a lace up detail that will allow you to adjust the size to your body.

Bustiers :

This style of lingerie is similar to a corset but without the intensely fitted waist. With bustier lingerie it is important to note the cup size more than the waist measurements.


Not sure what you're packing these days? Please take a moment to measure yourself so we can send you the sexiest fitting size possible. REMEMBER TO MEASURE IN INCHES!

  1. Place the tape measure around you, just under your breasts keeping your arms down by your sides. Make sure the tape measure stays completely horizontal to the floor.
  2. Check the measurement and round up to the nearest even number. So if your bust is 33 1/2 inches, round up to 34 inches.
  3. Place the tape measure loosely around your bac k and across your nipples. Take note of the measurement.
  4. Figure out your cup size by comparing the two measurements.

If The Difference Is: Your Standard Cup Size Is:

0"-1/2" (1.3 cm)                          AA

1/2"- 1" (2.6 cm)                          A

2" (5.1 cm)                                   B

3" (7.6 cm)                                   C

4" (10.2 cm)                                 D

5" (12.7 cm)                                DD or E

6" (15.2 cm)                                DDD or F



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