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It is hard to believe but a supplement made from ants can help strengthen the immune system, enhance your sex life, and fight aging. In fact, polyrhachis, also known as black ant extract has been viewed as a source of energy and strength for centuries in China.

Reduces the Symptoms of Aging & Increases Longevity

Ancient texts including the Chinese Medicinal Classics mention black ant extract as an significant energy increasing tonic. Modern scientific research has confirmed that an extract made from a species of ant called Polyrhachis Vicina Roger actually reduces the symptoms of aging and increases longevity in rats.

Approved by the Chinese Ministry of Public Health

The Chinese Ministry of Public Health has actually approved the use of polyrhachis ant extract as a dietary supplement. Chinese herbalists believe that black ant extract can help increase energy and stamina, strengthen the nervous system, increase sex drive, improve digestion, protect the liver, detoxify the body, and strengthen the immune system.

Modern science supports the ancient Chinese belief in polyrhachis extract and demonstrates why it is such a potent supplement. Scientific evidence from ants proves that taking an extract made from their bodies can have tremendous health benefits.

A List of Proven Benefits of Black Ant Extract:
  • Ant tissue contains eight to 13 times the protein of most meats including fish.
  • Ant tissue is rich in vitamins including B-1, B-2, B-12, D, and E.
  • Ant tissue is a concentrated source of protein. It is made up of 42%-67% protein content!
  • Ant tissue provides eight essential amino acids.
  • Ant contains more than 20 minerals necessary to human health including magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, selenium, and zinc.
  • Research indicates that ant can increase the levels of DNA and RNA in human cells. DNA and RNA are the building blocks of human life. Increasing the level of DNA and RNA can slow aging, and speed the regeneration and rejuvenation of tissue. Increasing the level of RNA and DNA might also prevent the development of some kinds of cancer.
  • Ant tissue is a powerful natural oxidant that can actually reduce inflammation. Inflammation is believed to be the cause of a wide variety of health problems including arthritis.
Regarded as the Most Potent Jing Tonic

In traditional Chinese medicine, black ant tonic is regarded as a Jing tonic. Jing tonics are taken to increase the energy in the body. Some Chinese texts regard polyrhachis tonic as the best or most potent Jing tonic.

Traditional Chinese Doctors Use It

Traditional Chinese doctors have long used polyrhachis to treat impotence, lack of energy, and many problems related to aging. It has often been used to help those who have been under stress or deep emotional strain.

Polyrhachis is of interest to Canadians and Americans because it can provide the energy needed to cope with our high paced, high stress society. It can also help the body repair the damage done by drug use, chronic infections, and nutritional deficiencies to name a few.

Improves Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies 

Average Americans and Canadians need to take whole food supplements such as black ant tonic because most of us are suffering from nutritional deficiencies. Modern industrialized foods are extremely low in nutrients.

This lack of nutrients leads to many serious problems including poor digestion, damaged immune systems, a weakened sex drive, and a weakened nervous system.

The vitamin and mineral supplements sold in stores often don’t help because they contain materials like clay and petroleum (oil). So they are hard to digest.

Many people don’t realize it but MOST supplement tablets they spend so much money on literally go right through the body and end up in the toilet. This has actually been proven by porta-pottie businesses that find thousands of vitamin tablets sitting at the bottom of their filter after they clean out their toilets. The hard synthetic supplement tablets are not digested at all in most cases.

Black Ant Extract “The Herb of Kings”

In Chinese medicine, the Polyrhachis Ant is regarded as the herb of kings for very good reason. At one time, it was actually known as the forever young food and consumed all over Asia because of its reputation for increasing vitality and nourishing the blood.

Unlike supplements and drugs, Polyrhachis Ant extract is a natural substance made from living organisms. It is also known as the Mountain Ant or Black Ant and has been made into herbal tonics for centuries.

In ancient and Medieval times, it was expensive and usually only available to the nobility and to royalty; hence the term, “herb of kings.” Today this miracle tonic is available to anybody, anywhere in the world.

Chinese farmers actually raise Polyrhachis ants on farms in the remote Changbai Mountain area near the Mongolian border. Even though it is based upon Ancient Chinese Medicine, today’s Polyrhachis extract is made with the latest scientific methods.

The extract is clean, potent, and highly effective as both a supplement and an aphrodisiac. It is also a natural alternative to potentially dangerous sexual enhancement drugs such as Viagra.

A Potent Natural Aphrodisiac

In Asian nations such as Japan, Polyrhachis has long been known as a potent natural aphrodisiac capable of improving the sex lives of couples that use it. Unlike some herbs, black ant extract can help both men and women. It does this by increasing the level of energy and by enhancing the performance of the entire body.

The reason polyrhachis can improve sexual functions is that it is a concentrated and highly potent source of bio-available zinc. Zinc has long been known to be vital for sexual health. Among other things, zinc is one of the building blocks of testosterone. Men that have increased their zinc content have been known to increase their semen production.

Black ant extract can also restore the natural energy balance of the body and increase the energy levels. That often increases the overall performance of other systems such as the immune system. This can detoxify the body and eliminate many other problems that hinder sexual performance.

One of the biggest causes of poor sexual performance is the lack of energy that comes from nutrient deficiencies. This leads to a wide variety of problems including an impaired immune system that can lead to other troubles such as chronic infections.

Polyrhachis ant extract can give you more nutritional energy than just about any other single natural compound, as a result it can improve your life both inside and outside of the bedroom.



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