Swan Roller Ball Massager

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The Rotating Ball Massage Glove's 9 metal massage balls with full 360° spin provide effective kneading on tissue, and a unique sensation just not possible with other forms of massage. It also improves the look of skin when used over areas with cellulite...so you can beautify and unwind without visiting a spa!

Product Features
  • 9 steel massage balls spin in full 360° rotation
  • Ergonomic palm-shaped body made of flexible gel for contouring to curves
  • Adjustable strap to fit both large and small hands
  • Hundreds of stimulation studs for massaging hand during use, or for applying to desired area
  • Can be used with or without massage lotions or oils
Product Specification
  • Metal Massage Balls with full 360° Rotation
  • Hundreds of stimulation studs on reverse
  • Flexible, conforms to body curves
  • Deeply relaxing, relieves muscle tension
  • Reduces the look of areas with cellulite



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