Moodzz Truth or Dare

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Truth or Dare is a devilish game that skips the warm-up and goes straight for the sizzle. This game is designed for three or more players for a triple tantric treat that could lead to a very, very naughty night.

This party game is daring, dirty and oh-so-delicious. When you draw a truth card, you’ll be asked to divulge the details. A dare card will send you on an amorous adventure. When you tell the truth or complete a cheeky challenge, you’ll earn points towards your win. This hands-on game gets you up close and personal for touchy feely fun. Dares include finding a coin under a players clothes and asking someone for a good old-fashioned spank. Truth cards will challenge you to divulge your naughtiest fantasy and get chatty about your sauciest secrets. With 69 questions and 69 challenge cards, this game promises a hot-blooded bonding sesh.



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