Moodzz Gayrotic Heart

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This Gayrotic Heart game is designed for same-sex fun and promises cheeky challenges that send both partners on a playful adventure. This game is designed for two men – simply add imagination for an erotic encounter.

This sexy game contains over 100 challenges that have been picked and approved by a gay panel. It’ll ask you to get hands on for some intimate after-hours action. It comes in a heart shaped box with a pair of tweezers. Simply extract your erotic challenge and cut to the chase. This game promises no-nonsense naughtiness as it asks you to jump right in for a raunchy, risqué game that gets the blood going. Challenges include hot and heavy kisses, massaging his buttocks and complimenting his fantastic physique. This luxurious box of challenges makes the perfect gift for guys who like to press the Fast-Forward button when it comes to foreplay.



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