You & Me: A Game Of Love & Intimacy

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This game of love and intimacy will take your passion to a new and exciting euphoric level. The roll of the die determines who will perform the pleasure at each turn. The sand timer will keep things moving as planned by each Pleasure Card. There are two decks of Pleasure cards, one for each player that includes 45 pleasure performing cards, 4 “Star Cards”, and 1 joker (per player). The pleasure cards are labeled with 1 – 4 hearts that indicate the number of points the performer is to receive at the completion of sending their partner to wanting more or to sexual ecstasy – depending on how well you perform within the time allowed by the sand timer. Some cards in each deck also have an L, M, or S symbol indicating where Lubricant, Massage Oil and/or a Scarf is required for the prescribed pleasure performance. There are a few items you will want to have close before you begin You & Me play: A pen and paper for keeping score, Lubricant, Massage Oil, Neck Tie, Scarf, Chocolate Syrup, Jam, and a sex toy of both partners’ liking (not included in game). With the 90 innovative ideas of sexy suggestions and adventurous activities, You & Me is a game where taking part is as euphoric as winning.
You & Me, the adult card game for couples also includes “Let’s Talk About Sex! – 10 Sexy Questions to Heat Things Up!” game card for arousing foreplay.

  • You & Me is an adult card game for couples that promises exciting encounters with romantic inspirations that lead to a very happy ending.
  • Using the included die, you and your partner take turns tantalizingly teasing and sexually arousing one another as instructed by a card drawn at your turn while keeping score. Each player begins with 45 passionate pleasure cards, 4 special cards and one Joker.
  • The included die is labeled with 2 me, 2 you and 2 ?. At your turn – me is you, while you would be your partner. Roll a ? - the player decides who will be performing the pleasure.
  • The first player to earn 30 points wins the game. There is a little teasing twist to the rules – pleasure performing must continue for as long as the sand timer (included) takes to end the play. The player performing the pleasure as prescribed on the Pleasure Card earns the points, while the other wins the exotic pleasure of being teased, nibbled, licked, kissed, gently bit, and spanked. You won’t care who gets the points as you explore euphoric bliss together. The first one to reach 30, however, gets to celebrate by receiving a sexual pleasure of their choice from their lover to satisfaction – no timer needed!
  • Includes 2 items: You & Me game and “Lets Talk About Sex – 10 Sexy Questions to Heat Things Up!” game card for arousing foreplay.



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