The Path To Pleasure Adult Board Game

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The Path to Pleasure boardgame is designed for adults that are looking to heat things up in the bedroom and encourage a journey of sexual discovery.

Players move along a path of pleasure board game and with each roll of the dice, land on a numbered square that offers it's own tantalizing instruction designed to bring you closer together. From massage and touch, to dress-up and seduce, this game offers a solution to each possible fantasy. Three stages of excitment start the game by awakening desire, moving through anticipation, and building warmer challenges until you reach a crescendo of passion and pleasure. Reaching the end of the game at number 69, the winner is able to command their partner to act out their most desirable fantasy. 

Designed to bring you closer, and allowing you to share your most intimate thoughts, this game is a must have for a night of foreplay and exploration.



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