Strip Or Tease Adult Game

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The Strip Or Tease Adult Game is the naughty and kinky game needed to spice up you and your partner's life, are you ready to play?

Take it in turns and the game dictates to you whether you or your partner have to strip or tease, by rolling each of the dice you will be told what to take off followed by taking one of the strip or tease cards that each contain 30 different actions and tantalising adventures that you must complete! Practice makes perfect, and with the his and hers stripping technique guide, you will soon become the king or queen of undressing!

Give your partner the treat they deserve, and pick up this game for that special occasion you've got coming up, be it to spice up for anniversary or to finish off your romantic Valentine's meal, we guarantee they won't stop thanking you for this naughty surprise!


  • Perfect your stripping skills with a sensual game of Strip and Tease
  • Made for couples


  • 1 x Dice to Dictate whether you Strip or Tease
  • 1 x Dice to Dictate what you will take off
  • 30 x Strip Cards
  • 30 x Tease Cards
  • His and Her Strip Tips



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