The Hyperion company, which is the owner of the demoniq brand, is responsible for the design, manufacturing, as well as retail and wholesale distribution of the products of the demoniq brand.
All the collections are designed by a team of young and creative designers who share passion for both fashion and eroticism.
Every single collection is manufactured in our own sewing plant which is based in Łódź, where you will find the headquarters of the company too. We are proud to put "Made in Poland” on the labels of each and every piece of lingerie or jewellery we produce.
Both the teams of designers and the teams of production workers are genuine enthusiasts of the wide variety found in the erotic world. This may be observed and sensed both in the projects and in the end products labelled with the demoniq logo.

"We find it most rewarding to share our passion and fascination for various shapes of the erotic world with others.”

The goals that we set for ourselves.

Exceptional and unique design of both a single piece of product and whole collections.
Continuous strive for new pieces in the range of our products representing the diverse character of design for lingerie.
High quality of the fabrics we use.
Comfort of wearing as one of the top priorities.
Perfect sewing quality and resistance of every single product.
Brand recognizability and the sophsticated character of the brand.

What is our mission?

We would like to dress the variety of wildest dreams that women have. We do understand and appreciate the diversity of erotic needs. This concerns the delicate needs, expressed with a subtle degree of eroticism, as well as those much more gloomy, dominant, highlighted with a cold, and indeed electrifying, sense of having power... This kind of diversity we would like to reflect in every collection of the demoniq lingerie.

The product that we deliver to our customer is of high quality both concerning the design and the quality of fabrics, as well as the sewing quality and comfort of wearing.
We strive for constant development of our company. Along with improving the satisfaction of our clients we want to develop the demoniq brand by delivering a product that meets the requirements of the more and more demanding clients and partners.
Modernness and attractiveness. We want to deepen the delightful impressions and emotions of our customers with a product that is made of innovative textiles and reflects the most popular and the newest trends in the world of erotic lingerie. Therefore every year there will be a couple of new collections, always diverse in style, so that everyone could find something for themselves in the world of demoniq.


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