Demoniq Magnetic - Nathalie Teddy

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Nathalie - elegant and sophisticated, exposing beauty of the female teddy. It seduces and allows to seduce in any situation. Sexy body suit with a high waist. In the front, the top is made of a decorative black and gold lace combined with a transparent black mesh, effectively and sexily displaying the neckline. At the back, the shape of the naked back intrigues with the long, vertical cut. The bottom of the body suit is made of black material of a "wet look" type, which perfectly adjusts to the body, and the high waist and flashes of light on the black material give the hips and buttocks an exceptionally appetizing character. The additional advantage of the Nathalie teddy is also the optical elongation of the legs and whole body. This effect, combined with the appetizing buttocks and the sensual neckline will make you emanate with a refined but tasteful sex appeal.

The composition of underwear: 95% polyester, 5% elastane




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