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The PERSEA consists of an original, courageously revealing body, a strapless shirt that is all made of white, transparent tulle. The emblem of the health service and the red details, which are in the form of flint and magic frills, are a perfect addition to this project. Deep side chips cause slimming effect and accentuate greater emphasis on the waist. The two hook fasteners on the rear hooks, which are adjustable, along with a playful tie to the satin bow, provide a perfect fit for the figure with the figure, as well as a strong emphasis on the back and back. Unusual accessories are atypical, very distinctive under transparent fabric, thong, consisting of five white triangles attached to a red rubber band. The breeches are additionally adjustable and decorated with red ribbons garter belt, thanks to which the set can add any stockings. Attention! Such care can be a threat to individuals with a weaker heart.

Cap is not part of the offer!

Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane



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