Your Ultimate Guide To Penis Enlargement Devices

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Men have an average flaccid penis length of about 3-4 inches, so it’s no surprise many men want something a little bigger. Furthermore, as much as people want to claim size isn’t a big issue in bed, it’s been proven that it does improve sex life. 

Unfortunately, men who aren’t exactly ecstatic about their penis size have a trickier route to getting what they want. It doesn’t quite seem fair. However, there are products that can actually help your penis grow in length and width. 

Penis enlargement devices have improved their technology over the years and are here to help you. There are many testimonials of men who claim they have substantially increased the size of their penis. Confident levels are through the roof, as well as satisfaction levels of girlfriends and boyfriends around the globe. 

But which penis enlargement option is best for you? Don’t sweat it, we’ve done the research for you and have compiled a list of the best penis enlargement options on available:


Extenders are traction style devices. They come in many different designs. The extender maximises tension on the penis shaft so that it creates micro tears that occur in the cells in the tissue of the penis. 

When the cells rebuild, they get bigger from the healing process, which makes the penis grow.

Even better news is they make devices that are more comfortable these days. It can even be worn throughout the day if you wish. 


Weights and hangers can sometimes be effective for penis enlargement too. The weights are hung from the penis and gravity does its wonders. It is similar to the extenders in terms of the physiological process. 

Hanging weights and hangers from the penis can increase its growth over time, however, it isn’t something that can be worn throughout the day. You’ll need ample time to use weights and hangers for them to take effect. You’ll also need to find enough time to do the exercises at home.

This isn’t the easiest of the penis growing aids, but people have seen benefits from it.


Perhaps the best in the world of penis enlargement devices, the penis pump is a fantastic vacuum that pressurizes your penis. It will enlarge the size of the penis by using a cylinder that goes over the penis as it pumps to create a vacuum around the penis in the tube.

Through this process, blood is forced into the penis so it enlarges. These pumps can be used with cock rings as well. The best penis enlargement devices on the market are those with hydraulic capabilities.

Some of these devices you can even use in the shower while you do your normal hygiene routine. Doing this routinely will ensure you have a thicker, plump penis ready for showing off! These devices come in a variety of designs and are a sleek, modern option for penis enlargement. They are also incredibly portable. 

What’s more? You can buy a penis pump that is specifically designed for your exact penis size to help it grow. 


There are a lot of herbal supplements that can be taken orally for penis enlargement. These can temporarily increase the blood that flows into the penis. However, some of the herbs and supplements haven’t been scientifically proven to have an effect.

Some work in the short-term, but are temporary fixes. These supplements won’t grow your penis in width or length permanently, which is disappointing for most men who are looking for a fuller penis. While it seems like an easy penis enlargement method, it doesn’t have lasting effects. 

Cialis has been used among many men for increased size and girth when both hard and flaccid. Men are experimenting with the drug whether it’s been prescribed to them or not, simply for the size increases it gives them.

The drawback is the side effects that any drug dealing with the male genitals may have. It isn’t recommended to take pills that aren’t prescribed to you, but many men claim that it greatly improves their size…temporarily. 


Surgery is the most drastic method when it comes to enlarging your penis. The gains will mostly be in the flaccid state of your penis. Doctors often detach ligaments in the pubic bone area so your penis extends.  

Fat can be injected into the penis in the cellular matrix sheet that wraps around the penis. Glandular enhancement where the head of the penis is enlarged is also done with fat injections.

Like any surgery, it has some risks. Do you really want to change your future erections by getting a surgery for some more size? There have been cases of lost erection angles and straight up erectile dysfunction after surgery. 

By getting surgery, you are putting your nerves at risk and increasing your chances of complications. However, the surgery is having high success rates when performed by qualified and experienced doctors. 


Regardless your reasons for wanting a bigger penis, they are valid. Much like women wanting larger breasts, you want a larger penis! Your confidence in the bedroom and your life, in general, will skyrocket with a large penis in your pants. 

Many men are unsatisfied with how their penis looks in a flaccid state, leaving them embarrassed or unenthused about dropping their underwear to the floor on a first date or to begin foreplay. 

You’ll gain newfound charisma and sexual drive with a bigger penis. Using penis enlargement devices that are low in risk and high in results is the best way to go. Penis pumps are readily available in the market, but choose one with fantastic reviews and proven results. 

When you’re ready for a full, thick, strong penis with a few extra inches, contact us for a hydraulic penis pump. 

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