Your Easter Pleasure Hunt

Make the most of your long weekend with an Easter pleasure hunt designed by Bella Rouge sexperts. Crafted to provide mind-blowing orgasms and intense adventure, we’re making this a weekend to remember.

Explore with a full four-day itinerary, guaranteed to hot things up.


Get freaky this Friday with erotic massage; relieve muscle tension and increase sexual tension. Start the weekend by unwinding.

Erotic massage is the perfect way to relax together, indulge and discover new sensations. Enjoy a hot bath together, turn off your phones and explore each other. Start by getting your lover to give you a steamy, seductive massage focusing on all of your erogenous zones, before switching from massage oil to lube.

 The female G-spot is famously illusive, BUT it is there to be found and it is one pleasure hunt you really need to go on. When you’re aroused the G-spot dilates and fills with fluid, (slightly gross but this is what insane orgasms are made of) making it easier to locate and extra sensitive.

Return the favour and massage your partner, focusing on all of their favourite areas. Let your lubed up hands wander; tease and pleasure them. Twist your hand as you move up towards the head of his penis. Use your other hand to slide over and stimulate his balls, using your index finger to stroke his perineum (the space between the balls and the anus). This slippery sensation will have his head spinning.


It’s Saturday, suckers! Get intimate with your partner and wake them up with oral.

Coming out of the sleepy, Saturday morning haze whilst on the receiving end of oral is an Easter treat we’d all love to get.

Get your Easter weekend sweet treat in the form of a fabulously fruity lube. Coat your lips to give him or her out of this world oral. The golden rule is ‘the wetter the better,’ so the added lubrication will significantly enhance sensations for them and improve your technique instantly. Use one of our delicious, edible lubes and focus your attention on the clitoris or head of the shaft.

Feeling especially fruity? Venture to the back for some oral/anal play. Discover everything you need to know about rimming HERE.


Forget a sleepy Sunday, we’re turning up the heat. After two days resisting intercourse, we’re hopping on and trying out something new.

Spice up your weekend with a sex position you’ve never tried before. Take some inspiration from our extensive range of positions, all guaranteed to hit the spot. With something for everyone, you can explore however you please. Whether you opt for some outdoor action, switch to some steamy shower sex or take a drive on the wild side, we’re encouraging you to couple your new position with a new location.

Taking your sex session outside of the bedroom adds an extra thrill and makes it feel even naughtier… just how we like it.


Monday is the new Sunday so while away the day between the sheets. With all of this extra time, there’s no hurry to orgasm so practice edging.

Edging involves being brought to the edge of orgasm, then cooling off. Never quite achieving orgasm makes for the most intense build up imaginable and the eventual climax all the more powerful.

Whether you’re using your new manual stimulation techniques, getting in another oral adventure or headed straight to the good stuff, the trick is to build to orgasm and then slow it back down. Do this as many times as possible before finally, finishing your Easter holiday weekend with an orgasm you’ll never forget.

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