What Is A Blended Orgasm?

We at Bella Rouge often talk about the intense pleasure you get from being on the receiving end of a blended orgasm, but what does it mean? We’ve got you curious about the climax.

A blended orgasm is our way of describing a female multiple orgasm that is both internal and clitoral – this double hit of pleasure provides the strongest orgasms.

Why Is It So Great?

Imagine having the power of two orgasms in one hit – the slow build of a G-spot orgasm coupled with the direct stimulation of the clitoris makes for one hell of a crescendo. Double the pleasure girls.

How Do You Have One?

Dual stimulation is the key – whether that be through using an external vibe during sex, such as a bullet or having a solo sesh with a Rabbit Vibrator.

A G-spot orgasm is often more elusive than a clitoral one so focusing on internal stimulation whilst rubbing your clitoris is your best bet. If you have a partner, have them lend a helping hand – twice the effort but twice the reward.

If you feel that you’re closer to a clitoral orgasm than you are an internal one, slow down the external stimulation until you feel you’re at the same point internally.

If this sounds like rubbing your tummy whilst patting your head, get a toy involved.

Top Toys To Hit The Spot(s):

The Swan Wonderlust Harmony was designed for exactly this purpose. With an internal shaft and famous clit stim, they’re your best bet when it comes to achieving blended orgasms. 

Swan Wonderlust Harmony Rabbit Vibrator 

Hit the spot with the intense, internal vibrations from the Je Joue Fifi and take it to a whole new level with our most powerful, earth-shaking G-spot toy yet. The Je Joue Fifi is angled to provide deep, mind-blowing vibrations directly to your G-spot.

The double clit stimulator is guaranteed to get things heated up quickly!

Je Joue Fifi 

The We Vibe Match was designed to be worn while making love, so is a great couples toy. However, it is also perfectly suited for solo play. Shaped like a large money clip, the narrow side is inserted and sits against the G-Spot, while the broader side stays on the outside and stimulates your clit. This is also a great toy to try if you like playing in public!


We Vibe Match


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