Valentine's On A Heart String And A Shoe String

As the Christmas decorations come down, so the Valentine’s Day decorations go up. We are bombarded left, right and centre by hearts, teddy bears, balloons and anything you can think of. The only thing is, is that many of us are only just coming right financially after the festive season. So here are some tips on keeping the costs down, but still making Valentine’s Day a special day to remember.

Make your partner a card

Cards these days can go for anything between R20 and R100 and are all so generic. When you make something, it is special and unique. You can tailor it to your partner’s specific tastes, and it uses up one of the most modern precious commodities – time.  If you use things lying around the house, scraps of tissue paper, corrugated cardboard – you can get very creative.                                                                                                                                               

TIP: If you don’t feel very creative, you can Google “scrap booking” for ideas.

Spend Time at home

Now I know Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday this year, but why not start the day with breakfast in bed? Cook some pancakes and cut them into the shape of a heart. Together with some pink strawberry syrup (or regular will also do) and a small posy of flowers picked from your garden in a little vase on the tray. This will get the day off to a true romantic start.

After work, cook his favourite meal and have dinner in front of the TV while watching a romantic comedy. Cheat the grocery budget a bit and get some strawberries and cream for dessert. Stock up on snacks and cuddle under a blanket on the couch. Make sure your phones are off and just enjoy each other’s company for the night.

Cost effective priceless gifts

There are many gifts that you can make that won’t cost a lot and just need some creative inspiration. A few ideas: buy a cheap picture frame and jazz it up with beads, sequins, buttons and stickers. Put a photo of yourself or the two of you in it for a gift that just spells love. How about a jar filled with sweet words? Decorate the jar with ribbons.  You can write down things you love about him or inspirational love quotes you can find on the internet. Fold each one up and put it in the jar. My personal favourite is to take a small box. An empty matchbox is ideal, wrap it up with a ribbon around it and put a tag on it saying “filled with love” Instruct your man to never open the box, but to treasure it for always, as it contains a smidgeon of the love you feel for him.

So let the love take over without bruising your purse. Give from your heart without worrying about your budget. And remember, a little bit of nookie at the end of the night goes a long way

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