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To Groom Or Not To Groom

Smear, press, rip, owww!!!

I think it goes without saying that women today spend a lot of their time grooming. Hair, make-up, waxing, manicures, pedicures, but today we’re going to chat about pubic grooming. How far should you go?

The first thing you need to decide is why you are grooming your pubic area. Is it for yourself or for your partner? If it’s for yourself, then it should be easy enough. You just need to decide if you’re more comfortable with a bit off the top and sides, whether you want a “landing strip” – that little line down the center, or whether you want to go all out and get the full Brazilian. If on the other hand, you’re doing it for your partner, the best thing is to chat and find out why they want it. Does he enjoy performing oral sex on you, and just want it to be tidied up a bit? Does he want to be able to buy you all sorts of slinky panties and lingerie? Does he just prefer to well-groomed look? All these things need to be taken into consideration before you see your beauty therapist. Have a chat to her as well. Find out what is popular at the moment, and what different techniques can be used. Do you want to shave or wax? Lately, there are little pubic shavers. Much like a shaver a man uses for his face, but much narrower so it can navigate all those little nooks and crannies better.

Now, the idea of removing pubic hair is an old one. It’s likely that ancient Egyptians shaved, perhaps to prevent or treat infestations of lice. Some European women, and probably some men, removed their pubic hair at least as early as the 1500s. In its place, they sometimes wore a “merkin,” a pubic toupee.

How the current fashion for styling pubes arose is a matter of some debate. Theories include everything from anti-feminist backlash to admiration for shaved Olympic swimmers to the influence of gay culture.

But here’s mine: The high-cut one-piece bathing suit hit big during the 1980s because it made women look a little bit like Elle MacPherson, the model with legs that stretch from here to Timbuktu. But the suits left tufts of curlies sticking out, so women had to mow down the sides. The more skin the suits showed, the more trimming. Finally, women wound up with the “landing strip”. Super-low cut jeans only added to the fashion imperative, mandating shaving from the top down. 

I think the mainstreaming of porn had something to do with it, too, because porn actors tend to shave, the better to show off the naughty bits. Men began asking their wives and girlfriends to do it because it made giving oral sex more pleasant and because it seemed wicked. Lately, in the interest of fair play, women have been telling men to denude penises and testicles and to trim back the rest.

What about hygiene? Pubic hair, similar to underarm hair, is seen as a place which can trap moisture from perspiration. Since it is almost always covered, it provides scope for bacterial growth and thereby promotes a host of infections. Now back in the day – like the cave man day – the function of pubic hair was to capture your scent - your pheromones. There it would be trapped, lying in wait for the first unsuspecting cave man to come by, wherein it would send out its aroma and next thing – bonk! You’re being clubbed on the head and dragged back to his cave. Aren’t you glad we’ve evolved? Not only do we have gorgeous smelling perfumes to do the job for us, but our men have outgrown the need to knock us unconscious before they take us out.

So let’s talk about style. You’ve decided you want to groom, but aren’t sure how you want it to look. What are your options? If it’s a special occasion like your anniversary or his birthday, how about getting his initial waxed on? A red heart on Valentine’s Day is very popular. If you want to be very provocative, choose an arrow just above your slit, pointing downwards. Then you can decide if you want to keep the natural colour, or add a bit of jazz with some natural hair dyes. If you’re going grey down there, you may want to consider touching it up with your natural colour.

So, I briefly touched on male grooming a bit earlier. It is also becoming a lot more popular, especially since Sam from Sex in the City mentioned that she doesn’t like flossing after giving a blow job. So the back, crack and sack wax. I can just hear the cringe! If he wants everything to be smooth and silky, and to last, then that is definitely the way to go. A lot of women don’t think that all that is necessary though. A simple little trim will go a long way – and it has the added benefit of making his member appear larger. Which guy wants to pass up that opportunity?

So, go bare or be square, whatever you decide, just dare!


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