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The Number One Trick To Fantastic Sex!

Lube can turn a regular romp into a wet and wild experience

Once surreptitiously stashed in bedside drawers, lube is now taking centre stage. Women used to be embarrassed about buying it, because they felt it meant they couldn’t get aroused on their own. But now couples use it to enhance the great sex they’re already having. Read on to reach new heights of pleasure.


The extra slipperiness from lube makes you feel even more excited because it mimics the moisture caused by arousal. There’s just one problem: all that added moisture can cause slippage. Get into missionary and throw one leg – or both – over his shoulder to tilt and tighten your vaginal canal, allowing you to maintain a good grip.


Cold lube on a hot body heightens skin sensitivity. Pop a bottle of lube in the freezer – Pjur Aqua lubricant chills well – then drizzle the cold liquid over hot spots.


As juicy as it sounds, spa-bath lovin’ isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Water washes away the natural moisture your body produces and actually increases friction. You can end up feeling kind of dry even though you’re dripping wet. Rub a silicone lubricant like Intimate Earth Soft Silicone Glide on his penis beforehand. It’s long lasting and waterproof. 


Let’s be honest: oral sex can be a lot of work. That’s where flavoured lube comes in. Try Intimate Earth Flavoured Oral Glides. Just remember: sugary stuff isn’t recommended for intercourse, so make sure you use a product that’s sugar-free.


Foreplay never gets as much attention as it really deserves. A great way to get things heated up is to start with a sensual massage. Use a Shunga Intimate Kisses Massage Oil. It’s sugar-free, so you won’t get a nasty yeast infection. After rubbing it, if you blow on it, it heats up and it’s a fantastic accessory for oral sex. Choose a favourite body part, and give it the attention it really needs.

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