The Magic Behind The Wand!

**This blog was written by guest author Melissa Luies**

Traditionally wand massagers like the Swan Palm Massager were corded and plugged into an electrical outlet, giving them an incredibly a strong source of power. But with modern design, the 'magic wands' are now designed to be recharged and be portable without having to keep it on an electrical source for pleasure.

It was originally designed to be a massage tool rather than an actual sexual stimulator, which helps that the design is discreet and can easily be passed off as a neck massager when traveling, or if you are looking for that feel good vibrations the wand can provide relaxing and pleasurable vibrations for a sore neck, back legs, etc.

Most wands are designed with the look of a microphone. They feature a round head and a long handle - although some brands, like Le Wand, do offer replaceable heads for different sensations. Attachments are specifically designed for internal, g-spot, p-spot, and vaginal stimulation. Most designs have a flexible head that bends with your body or comes in a curved a design like the LELO Smart Wand, allowing the massager to fit your body contours naturally and make it easy to move it all over your body.

The vibrations are focused in the head of the wand to deliver maximum pleasure which is also great for people who complain about their hand vibrating while holding the device. While older wands are electrically powered they offer more power and greater strength of vibrations, many newer designs use rechargeable batteries instead for more convenient portability. Some wands can be louder than others but more modern options have been designed to be nice and quiet.

How To Use A Wand

Start by using lube and stimulating yourself with your hands to get the blood flowing before adding vibration. When you give your body time to warm up, you might find new exciting places to touch. But the more blood flow you encourage, the stronger your orgasms will be. 

Move It Around

Some people find that holding the wand in one place can be overwhelming due to the strong levels of vibrations the wand offers. The vibrations, if held for too long in one place, can cause a numbing sensation to a certain spot. Do not worry, you are not causing damage or desensitizing the nerves. If you experience a loss of sensation, relax and back off to give your body a break from the vibration.

To avoid this, keep the wand moving around. 


Choose a wand brand that offers different head options for different sensations. Whether you are more into clitoral stimulation, body massage or internal play, there will be a brand out there that offers accessories for all of the above!

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