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The Lighter Side Of Anal Sex

Did you know, that Anal Sex is one of the most searched for terms in the on the internet? It would have to be as everyone wants to know about it, but no-one wants to talk about it! So you have to get your info from somewhere, right? If you’d like to know the basics, check out THIS blog.

Today we’re going to look at the lighter side of Anal Sex, with some funny stories I found on Reddit.

She Fell Off The Bed

matty_thecheeze: I had my then-girlfriend over for sexy time. We were both a little kinky so we were going the downtown route (anal). When I was close to finishing, and in the heat of the moment, I took the condom off and told her I was gonna cum in her butt. She was okay with this, and we continued. When it happened, she fell off my bed face first with her head on the ground but legs still on the bed. Her butt was the highest point of her body and she farted out all my cum from the sudden fall. It was both hilarious and horrifying.

Taken from this Reddit thread.

There Was A Big Clean Up

KaitKindly: We finished having anal sex when suddenly, I smell it: shit. My eyes widened and I sat straight up to look around, ready to fling a cover over a spot before he would see it.  Lo and behold, it's all over his dick. I nearly died. Instantly I grabbed the nearest thing (thankfully, it was a towel) and handed it to him. He said, "Thank you" and did a basic clean up, enough that he could just go to the bathroom and finish the job.

When he returned, I was in tears and couldn't look at him. He came over and turned on the TV, sat up in bed against the wall, and pulled me against his side as usual. I apologized over and over and he just told me, "It's fine. Just like last time, it wasn't your fault." 

... last time ..? Oh. My. God. I'd never known. But I suppose that means he just calmly cleaned it up and returned to our normal activities without a problem. 

Taken from this Reddit thread.

He Got Punched By A Butt

Reverted: I got ass punched. In college we had bunk beds that were three beds high, so you didn't have a lot of room to fool around. My girlfriend and I were giving it a go anyways, doggystyle, me bent over her. We were going pretty good, and she was super wet. I got a little too excited and pulled out a little too far and slammed it right in her butthole at full speed. 

She wasn't pleased, and her ass shot strait up and punched me in the face, pinning me head to the bunk above mine. A second later she is scurried over to one corner holding her ass, I'm in the opposite corner, hands on my face in a great deal of pain. She's crying, I've got a bloody nose. That's how I got punched by an ass.

 Taken from this Reddit thread.

She Broke His Nose

Anonymous: I might have broken an ex's nose during some rough sex... Alright, I'm actually sure I broke his nose. It was lack of communication. I had never done anal play, and when he suddenly poked a finger around there, my gut reaction was to push him away. My palm met his nose and there was much blood to be had. 

Taken from this Reddit thread. 

Because of that lack of communication, we kind of think he deserved it!

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