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The Bella Rouge Sex Toy Guide For Beginners

So you’ve been going out with your partner for a while now and things are starting to plateau. The last thing you want is to get into that sexual slump you’ve heard so many women talk about. You need to keep the spice alive and excitement simmering! It is time for…. Da da da dummmm…. Some Sex Toy Action!!

We have rated the toys according to their difficulty and added some fun tips to help you a get from beginner to Sex Toy Diva!


= Difficult                          ❤❤ = Moderate                    ❤❤❤ = Easy

 Bullet  ❤❤❤

 A great toy to start with is the Bullet. It’s small and compact and can fit in the palm of your hand. Roll it around the body during foreplay and it will help hot things up. Try using it on his sensitive nipples and on his man bits. Once he sees that the toy is not just for your pleasure, but for his as well, he should be more open to exploring more fun goodies. This is also a great toy to keep in your handbag. Use it in the traffic to help keep your road rage at bay. 

Bnaughty Egg ❤❤❤ 

A B Swish Bnaughty Egg is a great clitoral stimulator. It is versatile and has 7 different easy to use functions. Enjoy doing it doggie style? You can hold the little egg to your clit and your partner can still control the vibrations from behind you! You can also go a bit further with this toy and insert the egg during foreplay, alternating between clitoral and vaginal stimulation. 

Vibrating Cock Ring ❤❤ 

While this toy can be a bit trickier to work out, once you have it right, you will fall in love with it! Put the ring at the base of his semi-erect penis, with the clit stimulator at the top. Careful, don’t trap any pubes in there! Rub him until he’s erect and the ring will help him keep his hard-on for longer. Now, turn on the little vibrating bit on the top and voila! You have a living, breathing man-alive vibrator! The beauty about this toy is that he thinks it’s for him, but it’s actually for you. Also, if you’ve already had your 10 orgasms and you’re now tired and want to watch Grey’s Anatomy, you just turn the ring around. It’ll tickle his testicles and he’ll come in a flash! 

Swan Pillow Talk Sassy ❤❤ 

The Swan Pillow Talk Sassy has a gentle curve at its tip which can be used for G-Spot stimulation. Now ladies, the G-spot is not a myth! We all have one, and it’s in pretty much the same place for all of us. In order to feel it, you need to be aroused. So start off with using the tip of the Sassy on your clit. Rub it up and down and once you start getting hot and heavy, gently insert it with the tip facing forwards. The G-spot is about two-thirds of the way up your vaginal passage on the wall closest to your belly button. You know you’re in the right spot if you get the urge to pee. Please don’t pee. It’s just not sexy. Breathe through the feeling and keep the stimulation there. If you persist, you can have a G-spot orgasm, which is much more deep and intense than a clitoral orgasm. 

We Vibe Sync ❤❤ 

This toy is going to blow your mind!! And his!! It is specifically designed to be worn while making love. It looks like a big money clip. The narrow side is inserted and sits against the G-spot. The thicker side is on the outside and sits against the clit… And you leave it in during sex so that he can feel the vibration too!! This toy will give you the best kind of orgasm you can have which is a blended orgasm – a simultaneous clit and G-spot orgasm. To top that, you are still enjoying the feel of your partner’s manly member doing his thing inside you, while he enjoys the same vibrations and pulsations that you do! The We Vibe Sync has 6 different functions, it is adjustable, it’s waterproof, rechargeable and wait for it… It is operated via an app on your phone, or a remote control. It will even vibe to the rhythm of your favourite music They really have gone all out with this little baby! 

Fifty Shades Darker Carnal Promise Anal Beads  

The only reason I’ve rated this as a difficult toy to use, is because you have to be mentally prepared for anal play. Relax. Have a bubble bath, put on some gentle music and drink a glass of red wine. There are 3 main things to remember when engaging in any kind of anal stimulation. The first is communication. You are not going to get a good response if you go home with a set of anal beads and say “Look honey, I got something to put up your tush” Chat about it first and make sure you’re both on the same page. The next thing and probably the most important is lubrication. The anus is not self-lubricating, so it’s very important to use a good lubricant. A silicone one is probably the way to go, just remember though that if you’re using a silicone toy to rather use a water based lube as a silicone lube could damage your toy. Last but certainly not least, always use a toy that has a long handle or a flared base, because at the point of orgasm, the anus – sucks! You do not want to be the one going to the emergency room saying “please will you take it out for me…”

And so you’ve covered all your bases. You’ve chatted, you’ve bought your lube and you have your beads. Beads are a great way to start exploring anal play. The reason for this is you only need to insert one bead at a time and can go as far as your comfort level allows. However far you go, insert the well lubricated beads slowly, one at a time during foreplay, and at the point of orgasm, you can either pull them out nice and slow and it will make your orgasm last longer, or really quickly and it will intensify it.

 I have a lot more to say on the subject, but that will have to wait for another day, another story… have fun playing!

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