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Roleplay Revelations

French maids, police women, nurses… These are some of the more common fantasies that are used in role playing games. The reason being is that they are fairly easy to act out.

 French maids have their sexy little feather dusters which can start as being work tools for dusting, but quickly progress to ticklers of intimate places.

Being a police woman is a great way of taking charge of the situation and enforcing events exactly the way you want them to happen. Men will very seldom own up to it, but they really enjoy it when a woman takes charge in the bedroom. “Up against the wall and spread ‘em!” It’s not something that has to be done every time, but every now and then is good – and if you’re dressed in a sexy police women’s outfit – all the better!

A nurse is a classic and also VERY easy to role play. “Can you tell me where it hurts?” “How about I give you a physical?” Here the women once again has the upper hand, but in a much more gentle way.

For any role playing, it is helpful to make sure that the scene is set correctly beforehand. It’s hard to leap into action (and a loin cloth) if you’ve never thought about how Tarzan might sound, or what he might want to do with Jane, and all those vines.

Brainstorm about fantasy sexual role play. Get your creative juices flowing.
Consider the following elements of any sex role play scenario:

  1. Who do you want to be?
  2. What’s the scenario?
  3. How can you dress it up?
  4. What’s your motivation?
  5. What (and where) are the boundaries and the ground rules?

Details can take you deeper into a sexual role play scenario. When you first imagine a sexual scene the main points may be enough to get you going, but the more detail you can add to the fantasy the more alive it becomes. Details can also be great for awkward moments when you don’t know what to do next.

Most fantasies we have are shame based. For this reason, they are not spoken about much. However, having sexual fantasies is completely normal, and in fact, is very healthy. Fantasizing about sex can be good for your sex life and relationship. It can also work as an antidepressant, a way to escape reality; it is a way of satisfying curiosity, releasing aggression, and suppressing negative feelings. But do we really need all this justification of fantasizing? 95% of us think that the arousal factor is reason enough.

A good thing to do is to separate your fantasies into 3 different categories. The first is the top draw. This fantasy is the one that you’re happy to share and explore. The Nurse, French maid and Police woman. Whatever yours may be. The middle draw holds the fantasies that you would possibly like to try, but may be a bit more taboo, or perhaps scare you a little. These could include naughty school girl fantasies of being spanked for not doing your homework, or wanting your partner to tie you to the bed. These fantasies can also be played out, but I recommend that you save these for the person that you feel completely safe and secure with. Take precautions and even research them first to find out the best way of going about them. And lastly, the bottom draw is for the fantasies you will always keep to yourself. These are the fantasies that you will use when you’re masturbating. Keep in mind, that once you share a fantasy with your partner, it may lose some of its appeal. One of the things people love the most about fantasies are that they’re our naughty little secrets. So if you have a favourite one, keep it in your bottom draw and only pull it out when you’re pleasuring yourself. And keep on dreaming…

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