Results From Our Sex Toy Survey

**These results were compiled by guest author - Melissa Luies**

If you joined in on the Sex Toy Shopping Survey last month, you are sure to be just as curious to know the results! (...and perhaps just as excited to find out who the two lucky winners are!) 

We were excited, to say the least when we went through the results to see that our respondents were 56% of men and 44% of women, and from that, we had  69.6% In a monogamous relationship, 12.8% Single with sexual partners, and 10.9% Single with no sexual partners! Now that is what we call a variety of opinions! 

According to the survey, 58% of shoppers buy toys, keeping both themselves and their partner's in my mind. This includes buying a toy that can be used by both partners or buying toys for their partners and themselves at the same time.
31.9 % said they prefer buying toys for themselves only and 2.9% said they enjoy buying toys for their partners only.

On average 72.4% of the respondents buy toys 1-2 a year spending on average R1000 - R2999, and only 1.9% say they buy toys 12 or more times a year Spending between R0 - R999 per purchase! When asked who they prefer to shop with most from a list of online stores for sex toy shopping, the results showed (40.9%) coming in the first place (..of course, the pun is intended guys!), (19.1%) and (3.5%) with Adult World coming in last at 0.4%.

What Factors do our customers consider most when purchasing new toys? Variety! 25.3% said they prefer a wider variety of choices when it comes to toys. 19.8% said they consider the price playing a huge role in the decision making the process and 17.5% said that discretion is extremely important to them! (Did You Know? All Bella Rouge orders are beautifully wrapped in our exclusive Bella Rouge tissue paper and are placed in a carrier bag, and then in a courier bag. So the parcel is completely non-transparent. The waybill attached only reflects your name and places no reference to the contents of your package. Our courier company is well-versed in discretion and confidentiality.) 


What gets our customers hot?
Erotica - 49.4% of the respondents said they prefer reading erotica online on blogs, forums, etc but 29.6 said they don't read erotica at all.

Which toy tickles our customers' fancy the most?
14.4% We-Vibe Tango
30.4% Swan Wonderlust Harmony
55.3% We-Vibe Sync


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