Masturbation Month Challenge: Week 4

It’s official; the month of May is all about celebrating your own body and finding new ways to explore your depth of self. May is masturbation month and we’re providing all the tips and tricks you need to up the pleasure in your solo sessions.

The fourth and final week of Masturbation month marks the end of our wild, one woman ride. To celebrate we’re really upping the ante with tips and tricks on how to achieve your most powerful, multiple orgasms.

Achieving multiple orgasms is easier for some women than others, it requires a certain level of patience and experimentation, so lay back, relax and listen up.

Room With A View Masturbation Position

Masturbation Position: Room With A View

 Whether it’s your first, second or third orgasm, position makes perfect.

Room with a View is designed to help you get a new perspective on your masturbation sessions.

Keeling with your knees slightly spread gives you great access to the whole of your vagina. Stimulate the entire area, working up from the vaginal opening to the clitoris in order to make the most of your natural lubrication. This position is great for if you’re using a toy, particularly a suction based dildo or rabbit. If you’re trying to achieve multiple orgasms, switching things up is key. Incorporating a toy into one of your sessions makes it more likely that you will able to orgasm again.

Read on to learn more about how to achieve multiple orgasms.

Keep On Coming Masturbation Position

Masturbation Position: Keep On Coming

After achieving orgasm number one, lay back and bask in the feel good hormones. Keep On Coming is the perfect position to help you achieve orgasm number two.

Recline and take your time discovering what works for you. Orgasms number two requires a slower build and often, a new technique.

If you began your masturbation session using only your hands, add a vibrator and help to top yourself over the edge in round two.

This Weeks Hottest Masturbation Tips To Try



Once you’ve achieved your first orgasm, lighten your touch, change area and give yourself a minute to re-coup. Unlike men who can take upwards of 15 minutes to cool off, women can be ready for round two much quicker.

The clitoris can become overly sensitive and uncomfortable to touch after orgasm so maintain contact but change area. Move to gently stimulating the vulva and vaginal opening. Gentle strokes ensure that you maintain sensations without over-stimulating the area. 


Slowly begin to work back up to orgasm circling the clitoral hood. Maintain the pressure and speed but do not dive back into pushing straight for orgasm. A consecutive orgasm will take more time to achieve so relax and enjoy the you-time. 


Your usual masturbation technique may not work for orgasm number two so try something different and experiment with different sensations.

Some women will require a lighter touch, where others will need more intense, direct stimulation to tip them over the edge.

If you orgasmed the first time using just your fingers, try adding a vibrator at this point. Start on a low setting and build slowly to avoid overwhelming your nerve endings.

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  • Thandeka

    I use my hands for stimulation. I’ve never used an object or sex toy, I think I’ve always linked those to professionals (I hope I make sense). However, due to what I’ve been taught, I’m always shamed about masturbation and haven’t really been open to talk about it. To my luck, we were driving back home and listening to the show and my boyfriend was quite intrigued and that was my chance :-)… He, however, is old fashioned and said he only did it once (rolls eyes) in high school, “yeah right” I said lol and he swiftly changed the subject. Thank you for the edubation (get it?)

  • Nompumelelo Dube

    Oh my Jenni, thanks for sharing the types of orgasms on Kaya Fm. I agree fully one can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling sex life especially when in a relationship by ensuring you communicate effectively.

    I’m so excited to try the 2 way vibratory you spoke about. I’m a newlywed and my husband lives abroad – we share so much and stimulate ourselves through communication and introducing toys in our bedroom.

    I appreciate how my husband is always willing to try news things to keep our spark alive.
    I’m looking forward to trying the silicone lube you referred to… I can’t wait to try all these exciting options with my love 😍
    *happy dance *

    Thanks Sindi @sidebar with Sindi, I learned so much more today.

  • Kelebogile

    I’m only discovering my body through maturation in my 30’s. I definitely enjoy clitoral stimulation and it always gets me to orgasim, bit I need to be careful to avoid “over-heating”

    Thank you for the great interview!

  • Betty Mokhosi

    I love how we, especially women, are getting more and more comfortable with our bodies and our sexuality as well.
    Masturbating for me is the most pleasurable experience and it lets me get intimate with my body.
    Thanks Jenny for all information tonight on Kayak.

  • jessa Hewland

    Thanks for the advise Jenny, have not thought about this in detail before. Such an amazing blog.

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