Masturbation Month Challenge: Week 3

It’s official; the month of May is all about celebrating your own body and finding new ways to explore your depth of self. May is masturbation month and we’re providing all the tips and tricks you need to up the pleasure in your solo sessions.

Week number three is designed to help you get out of your comfort zone and get wild. We’re encouraging you to venture out of the bedroom and get off whenever the feeling takes you. Mixing things up in your solo sessions is just as important as keeping things fresh in your sex life; from long, slow sessions, to this week’s focus on quickies – variety is the spice of life.

The 15 Minute Break Masturbation Position

Masturbation Position: The 15 Minute Break

Orgasms have been proven to have a whole host of benefits for your bod. Orgasms can improve your mood, your sleep and even your looks. The ultimate way to recharge the batteries, some work places in the states have designated masturbation breaks to help their workforce be more proactive.

Get off and pep up. With The 15 Minute Break you are able to orgasm almost anywhere. Take your break and make the most of it – stay seated and begin by stimulating the clitoris. If you’re away from home, use your natural lubrication to make the experience more enjoyable, working in upwards strokes from the vagina to the clitoris.

If you need a little more stimulation to get you there, use your free hand to explore nipple play. Nipple orgasm is possible with a little know how, up the ante and find out more here.

 The Sleep Away Camp Masturbation Position

Masturbation Position: The Sleep Away Camp

If you have a little more time on your hands, explore The Sleep Away Camp. Great for both a quickie and a more indulgent session, this position eases you away from the habit of laying on your back for masturbation.

This gentle lounging position, allows you to relax, unwind but stay very present in the moment. Rather than laying back and losing yourself in a fantasy, be turned on by your own body and explore your pleasure in more depth.

If you have time, this position is perfect for making the most of all of your erogenous zones; stroke up your legs and discover what feels great for you. If you’re having a quick break and hoping to hurtle towards orgasm, use a toy. Using a vibrator in this position means that you can hurry orgasm by clenching your leg muscles around the toy, holding it in place and making the vibrations feel even more intense.

This Weeks Hottest Masturbation Tips To Try!


1. Struggling to squeeze an orgasm into your day? Start it right and make your shower time even hotter. Whether you experiment with the shower head, waterproof toys or just your fingers, you can make time for a quickie and release some great feel good endorphins whilst you’re at it.

2. Reaching orgasm quickly is all about being in the right mindset – you may not have a lot of time to explore your body but by thinking erotic thoughts and playing out scenarios in your head before you get down to business is a great way to ensure a quick finish. Turn yourself on without a touch throughout the day and be ready for action as soon as you’re alone.

3. Know what works for you – establish the speed, pressure and technique that you most enjoy so that when you’re pressed for time, you have a go-to recipe for success.

4. The wetter the better – when trying to orgasm fast, you don’t always have the time to ensure you’re fully turned on. Many women struggle to self-lubricate naturally, especially in a short time so use lube!

Here are challenges from Week 1 and Week 2 if you missed them!

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