Masturbation Month Challenge: Week 2

It’s official; the month of May is all about celebrating your own body and finding new ways to explore your depth of self. May is masturbation month and we’re providing all the tips and tricks you need to up the pleasure in your solo sessions.

Week number two is sure to provide intense orgasms and a new perspective on how to get off. Doubling your pleasure, this week we will focus on helping you to achieve mind-blowing blended orgasms, making your me-time twice as nice.

For many women, the most popular and satisfying way to reach orgasm is a combination of both vaginal and clitoral masturbation. Combining all the moves into one warms you up, gets you going and takes you to new, intense heights of pleasure.

Masturbation Position: The Long Way Around

The Long Way Around Sex Position

For blended orgasms, you have to hit twice the nerve endings.

Pleasure yourself internally with ‘The Long Way Around’. This masturbation position allows you to target your G-spot with your fingers or toy with ease.

Your G-spot is located in the front wall of your vagina, towards your belly button. By entering yourself from behind you are at a better angle to apply pressure to this ever illusive spot.

Whilst you focus on internal stimulation, lay yourself on a small vibrator. A bullet or shaped clit stim’ is perfect for reaching all of your external nerve endings, contributing to intense blended orgasms.

Many women find it easier to reach orgasm clitorally so if you find yourself hurtling towards clitoral orgasm and struggling to keep up internally, bend your knees slightly and lift yourself off the vibrator. Focus on your internal stimulation and as you feel yourself building to orgasm, lower yourself back down for external stimulation.

Mind Blown.

Masturbation Position: One Person Threeway

One Person Three Way

If you’re struggling to achieve blended orgasms, try to stimulate yourself in other areas.

Masturbation isn’t all about heading straight to your genitals – nipple play is a fantastic way to up the ante. Tweak, rub and explore your nipples and boobs. Combine this with your favourite masturbation technique for guaranteed orgasms.

Bending your knees up increases blood flow and more blood heading to the vagina means stronger, longer and more intense orgasms. If you’re still finding that orgasms are illusive, keep your socks on. An odd tip from industry experts, keeping your socks on is another way to help to keep blood flowing to the parts where it matters most!


1. The easiest way to reach a blended orgasm is to add toys to your masturbation routine. Our Rabbit Vibrators have been designed with the sole intention of providing twice the pleasure; targeting the G-spot and clitoris simulation for double the pleasure.

2. Lying on a vibrator is another great way to achieve a blended orgasm. Focus on pleasuring your G-spot and go hands free with your external stimulation.

3. Using nothing but your hands can be a little trickier but still possible. Like rubbing your tummy and patting your head, you’re best to start with either internal or external simulation and then incorporate the other – this gives you a better chance at keeping a rhythm.

4. Make your double pleasure session a two-player affair. If you have a partner, have them join in on your masturbation session. Mutual masturbation is HOT but showing them what you like and having them lend a hand is even hotter. Concentrate on stimulating yourself clitorally whilst your partner focuses all their attention on your G-spot. 

Come back next Thursday to discover more ways to keep on coming. 

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