Masturbation Month Challenge: Week 1

It’s official; the month of May is all about celebrating your own body and finding new ways to explore your depth of self. May is masturbation month and we’re providing all the tips and tricks you need to up the pleasure in your solo sessions.

Masturbation is great for a whole host of reasons; from banishing the blues to burning calories, a little self-exploration never did anyone harm. Discovering the workings of your body and understanding how you best find pleasure is beneficial, whether you’re flying solo or settled in a relationship. The more you’re in tune with your nether regions, the more sexually satisfied you can be.

For this week’s challenge, we’re encouraging you to spend your weekend unwinding and learning about your body with two new positions and a host of incredible tips. We’re easing you in to a month of sexual self-discovery and it only gets hotter from here.

Masturbation Position: The Black Swan

The Black Swan Sex Position

Swan dive your way into orgasms with The Black Swan. Switch things up by laying on your front, lift your hips up by bending your knees a little and pleasure yourself from underneath.

Being face down allows you to really switch off, close your eyes and lose yourself in a sexual fantasy. When we’re alone we tend to hold back any noises of gratification, so in this quality ‘me time’ experiment with moaning into your pillow for a more immersive masturbation session.

Masturbation Position: The Fumbling Stranger

The Fumbling Stranger Sex Posiiton

Keep it classic with The Fumbling Stranger. Re-position your legs to provide the best access to your clitoris and explore a new level of pleasure.

Working up from your vagina, use your natural lubrication to glide upwards over your clitoris. Rather than stimulating this hot bed of nerve endings in a side-to-side motion, experiment with stroking upwards, giving you direct access to the super sensitive clitoris rather than the clitoral hood; a gold mine for the final destination.



Edging is the practice of building to orgasm but stopping just before climax, allowing yourself to cool off before starting again. This may sound counterproductive but drawing out your masturbation session not only allows you the time to try out new ways to pleasure yourself but also results in an incredibly strong orgasm at the end.

This week, we’re encouraging you to give edging a go with our top edging tips. 

1. Edging requires a certain amount of self-control and whole lot of self-awareness. Start slowly and begin to notice the subtle changes in your breathing and sensations as you come closer to orgasm.

2. Try something new every time you begin again, from switching positions to  using a toy or changing technique. This stops you from diving straight back into the orgasm inducing pattern you’d just used.

3. If you miss the signs and are on a one-way train to orgasm, reign it back in by creating other sensations away from the genitals. Tapping the thighs is a great mental and physical distraction, often able to bring you back from the point of no return.

4. After trialling lots of different techniques, slowly build to your eventual climax. Do this by stimulating the entire genital area, working towards the G-spot or clitoris. 

Let us tip you over the edge in week two, coming next Thursday

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