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Making Condoms Fun!

It’s amazing how little the use of condoms is actually spoken about in our country. With HIV and AIDS being so prevalent, condom use has developed a stigma that leaves very few people talking about it. I think this is because a condom is used to prevent nasty things, and people generally don’t like to think about nasty things, especially when they pertain to the most intimate act man can perform.

But the harsh reality is that if these nasty things are not thought about or spoken about, the repercussions can be deadly! So let’s see how we can make condom usage a more inviting, sensual aspect of love making.

Overcoming the “mood-breaker”

Things are starting to get hot and steamy, you’ve decided that tonight’s the night. You’re going all the way. You haven’t spoken about it, but you’re sending all the signals and you know he’s picking up on them. The only thing is, you’re scared. You don’t think you’ll get anything nasty from him, but don’t really want to take the chance – and you really, really don’t want to get pregnant.  All of a sudden, the mood is gone. You’re stressing too much about repercussions and what his reaction will be if you suggest using a condom. Now you’ve been leading him on and not following through!!

This whole scenario can be avoided by using a very simple technique. One we use every day, but can find very difficult at times – talking. Have an open, frank conversation. These are modern times and at the end of the day, your safety is the most important thing.

If you talk about it, not only will there be no surprises when the time comes to put the condom on, but you can turn it into an extremely sensual thing.

Making it fun

First of all make sure you’re using a condom that appeals to both of you. There’s a wide selection of them on the market, so you can get ones with ridges for added sensation, or one’s that are very thin so they’re almost not there. Also make sure that its size appropriate. Some condoms come with added lubrication, but if it doesn’t, adding a drop of lube into the condom before you put it on, increases the sensation for him phenomenally! If you’ve never put one on before, why not get a few to practice with first. This will help prevent any fumbling and nervousness. It can be a very pleasurable experience for the guy to have a condom put on for him. Put some lube in your hands and rub up and down his penis first. Then put a drop of lube into the condom (always use water based lubricants with condoms!), and slowly – very slowly, roll it down over his penis.

Oral Sex

A lot of people think that oral sex is a safe alternative to sex if they don’t want to use a condom. Granted, you can’t get pregnant from oral sex, and although HIV is very difficult to contract through oral sex – it’s not impossible. There are also other STD’s that can be contracted from oral sex such as Herpes. So be safe and use a condom!!

Now condoms don’t taste good, but there are ways around it. There are flavoured condoms, but the best suggestion, is to use a flavoured lubricant. Put some in your mouth and onto the condom, then suck the nipple of the condom into your mouth, put it on the tip of his penis, and use your lips to push it down over his penis. You won’t be able to push it all the way down just using your lips, but carry on sucking on the head of his penis while you roll the condom down with your hands.

Now there’s no excuse!! Talk about it, decide what’s best for you and your partner and do it!

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