Inside His Dirty Little Mind

Ever wondered what men are thinking about when it comes to sex and sex toys? We asked 4 different men of different ages a couple of questions. Obviously their names have been changed. This is what they said:

Question: What do you think of your partner’s Toy Box?

Adam (23) says that though a goodie drawer is a little intimidating, it's the confidence in what a woman wants that's more attractive and exciting than anything. "It's kind of like she's saying, 'come, see how I do it.' And I'm really attracted to a confident woman."

Ryan (36): “I'd never tell a girl this — and I can't believe I'm telling you this — but sometimes," he says, "guys might feel like they're bad in bed if a girl they're with wants to use toys and props. I know a guy shouldn’t feel like that, because if a girl didn't want to sleep with him, then she just doesn't want to sleep with him, but, still, guys might sometimes feel like they’re bad in bed. It's a huge blow to our egos."

Sean (45): "I'm really into girls that know what they want sexually. I've dated a few girls who've had a well-stocked goodie drawer and a few that were just finding out what they liked in the bedroom. I'm not turned off by toys (or no toys), but it definitely says to me that you know what you want in the bedroom and you're not afraid to ask for it."

Jarrett (58): "It makes it more fun, and I know that’s obviously played with these toys before and they add to her pleasure — and seeing her pleased is definitely going to please me."

Question: Do you ever wish you could have more sex?

Adam: “Yes, all the time!”

Ryan: “It depends on a number of different factors. Who my partner is, what I may be going through in my life. I go through phases of wanting sex all the time, and at other times, just now and then.”

Sean: “I am a highly sexual person, so it’s important to me that my partner is too. Not enough sex is definitely a recipe for unhappiness as far as I’m concerned.”

Jarrett: “When you get to my age, you are just grateful when it happens!” (laughs a lot)

Question: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Adam: “I had a girlfriend once that liked to dress up as a schoolgirl. It was a little weird at first, but once we got into it, it was really hot!!”

Ryan: “I’ve had a few kinky encounters. I got tied up a few times and I gave an ex an over the knee spanking. But I think the kinkiest thing was a roleplay session I had where I pretended I was a dog. I had to sit at her feet and got my tummy rubbed. It was actually pretty awesome!”

Sean: “My girlfriend and I got really drunk once and found another couple on Tinder and messed around with them. We definitely would never have done it sober, but it ended up being one of the best nights of our lives!”

Jarrett: “I had a sexual experience with a man once. He performed oral sex on me and also gave me a rim job. I enjoyed it but it only ever happened that once.”

Question: Have you ever had anything “Up There”?

Adam: “Ummm no. Though I’m not entirely against the idea. A friend of mine had a girlfriend that put her finger up and he said it was awesome, so I guess if it happens, I won’t stop it.”

Ryan: “Nope. And I never will. That’s an ‘out’ hole, not an ‘in’ hole”

Sean: “My girl and I were drunk and she asked if she could use her dildo on me. At first  I wasn’t keen but we used lube and went slowly and now she fucks me at least twice a week. It was something I don’t think I would’ve tried while sober but I’m really happy it happened.”

Jarrett: “Yes, I enjoy anal sex and have a variety of plugs, beads and prostate stimulators. I’ve only ever used them when playing alone though, never with a partner.”



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