Improving Your Relationship With Masturbators

Yesterday I shared an article on the The Ultimate Guide to Penis Enlargement Devices. Today I want to elaborate on how masturbators can be beneficial to your relationship.

Every relationship must be revived, rekindled, and spiced up with a certain frequency. Don’t freak out if you think this is your sex life. The longer you are with someone, the more likely you are to transition from “passionate” love into “compassionate” love, but small changes and attitudes can have major impacts on the relationship as a whole. And when it comes to boosting relationships, masturbators can be excellent allies.

Masturbators are practical, they work wonders and, best of all, they are extremely versatile.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that masturbators are only meant to provide pleasure when you are alone. They can be used in a variety of situations: foreplay, double masturbation and sexual intercourse.

Masturbators are powerful cards that everyone must have up their sleeves to spice up the relationship. Most of all, masturbators are accessories that will have a thousand and one possibilities to bring the spark back to your relationship.

What are masturbators?

Masturbators are known erotic accessories that aim to aid and give more. They are made, in most cases, of silicone or cyberskin (material that imitates human skin). There are several models and brands available.

There are female masturbators, those whose goal is to provide pleasure to the woman's body. In this class we have the vibrators and the clitoral stimulators, among others.

As for male masturbators, the format is thought to satisfy the sexual pleasures of men, mostly have cavities that mimic vaginas, anus or mouths to simulate oral sex. Many models have internal vibration systems, textures, or "suction" that increase pleasure sensations.

Here are some of the more popular ones:

Egg Masturbators

Calm down, it's not what you are thinking. This masturbator, which has an egg shape on the outside, contains a silicone sleeve with an opening at one end that is where the penis is inserted. It is flexible - so it fits multiple sizes of penis – and is very comfortable. Its grooves and designs give wonderful sensations of pleasure, like a massaging mouth, for example, but there are several versions that simulate the vagina or the anus. Great for anyone who is wondering whether or not to introduce a masturbator in the relationship.

Sexy Tip:

Enjoy self-pleasure anytime with Tenga Eggs. Crack open the egg-shapped casing and you will find a soft, white EGG. The super stretchable elastomer can drastically expand for a snug fit regardless of your size. A surprise to open and a pleasure to use!

Fleshlight Masturbators

These are indeed like a flashlight, but internally, their formats cause wonderful sensations during masturbation, and some models have vibration, for an extra stimulus. They may also have the appearance of an anus, mouth or vagina and can be very discreet.

Sexy Tip:

Enjoy hyper-realistic sex with any of the Fleshlight Girls. Use the ergonomic handle top for a perfect grip. Penetrate the sleeve and feel the infinite softness of the Real Feel Material that replicates the feel of human skin. A unique sensation with a perfect aesthetics.

Replicas of anus, breasts and vaginas:

Those that simulate the sexual and erogenous body parts are also popular. They are made of Cyberskin and cause wonderful sensations. They can be used to pretend a threesome or to show your partner a new sort of fetish, for example.

Sexy Tip:

Double Joy is made of ultra soft and body-safe TPE material, with super real inner structure. Looks like a black dumbell, this is discreet for carrying. But inside it's something that definitely turns you on. The soft inner covering creates intense and pleasurable thrusts and being detachable makes the toy very easy to clean. Double joy has a vagina hole and an anus hole.

Clitoral Stimulators

They have a variety of shapes and each one gives a different feel. There are those who simulate oral sex, others stimulate by suction or vibration, all available for female masturbation alone or during sex.

Sexy Tip: 

Lelo Lily 2 is a compact pebble shaped clit stimulator that can hug your pubic bone during sex. It has a wide range of vibrations and pulsations and is extremely versatile to use. Warm you and your partner up with it before sex, and use it to increase the intensity of your orgasms during sex.

Vibrators in general

The good old vibrator is very versatile, have many models, sizes and shapes, are excellent to be used with your partner, either masturbating each other, or during sexual intercourse, both in women and men.

Sexy Tip:

We-Vibe Nova combines the pleasure of G-spot stimulation with powerful clitoral vibration. The unique design flexes with movement to stay in contact with her clitoris.

All toys can be used either solo or with your partner. Incorporating them into your sex life adds a new dimension that can be exciting and electric. Find what works for you. There are literally thousands to choose from, so an entire world awaits!!

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