Help Him Last Longer

Does your man often finish first? There are a number of factors that could be at play.

First, are you having sex less often? If so, he may just be so excited that he can't hold out. The more often you get busy, the greater his tolerance for stimulation, helping him to hang in there longer.

Its also possible that he's fast-forwarding to the good part without realizing how much it shortchanges you. Let him know that you love making love with him, and you would like to spend even more time on it.

When you're having sex, notice his body language. Pay attention to whether he's breathing heavier or moving more quickly. If you sense that hes getting too turned on, try to slow down the process by switching positions.

Any position where he's on the bottom allows him to relax a little, which may help him last longer. (There are plenty of men who are so aroused by seeing their woman on top that the opposite happens, though, so you may need to try other positions or even stop for a minute.)

Have you tried a Vibrating Cockring? This little toy has been a best-seller for years and there's a good reason why. It helps him take longer and her quicker, so you meet in the middle. 

And, remember, even if he reaches orgasm first, you can make sure your needs are met through oral stimulation, touching, or going another round. Just make sure to keep the lines of communication open - that's the secret ingredient in mutually satisfying sex.

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