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Fabulous Foreplay

Going straight into sex can be exciting if you’re after a quickie, but to really heighten the sexual tension and passion between you, fun foreplay games are a great way to build up to the main event. From kissing and licking to nibbling and touching, these little games will get you more than slightly turned on…

Exercise your “sex” muscles

Practising kegel exercises to strengthen the PC muscle is essential for women and is the absolute bottom line requirement for good sex. Start conditioning them with a short kegel sequence. Contract the muscle 20 times at approximately one squeeze per second. Exhale gently as you tighten only the muscles around your genitals (which include the anus), not the muscles in your buttocks. Don’t bear down when you release. Simply let go. Do two sets twice a day. Gradually build up to two sets of 75 per day. Alternatively, use a set of Ben Wa Balls for 20 minutes 3 times a week.

Nosing Around

Perfume only the parts of your body you want your lover to touch. These may be the obvious places, such as the genitals, or those places you secretly wish he’d touch more often, such as armpits, the backs of knees, inside the elbows. Have him sniff lightly to find the scent and then inhale deeply only those perfumed places. No touching. He’s kissing you with his nose. Be sure he likes the scent before you do this. This is no time to try out a new perfume.

Delectable Digits

Having fingers and toes sucked excites many people, whereas others prefer doing the sucking. During passionate foreplay, take his hand, insert a finger into your mouth, and suck it in and out suggestively as he watches. This is also a sexy foreplay technique to perform when out in a public place. Suddenly the world recedes into the background. There are only the two of you and the promise of intercourse. Find your inner dominatrix and opt for a bit of foot worship. Get him to kiss all the way down your body till he reaches your toes. Order him to take each one into your mouth and suck gently for a few seconds. While he does that ask him to stroke and massage your feet and legs at the same time.


Hitting the Hot Spots

Do you ever get annoyed because it takes you a while to get aroused and wet? Well, here’s a tip he should take note of. By inserting one or two of his fingers into the vagina and then stroking the G-Spot he’ll make you instantly lubricate. To find it get him to slide his fingers halfway up the front vaginal wall, he should find an area that’s slightly rougher to the touch than the rest of the area. This is the G-Spot, and when gently stroked in a come-hither motion will get you instantly aroused. Then, ask him to massage your G-spot while licking or sucking your clitoris.

For many women, the interplay of oral and manual stimulation, with special attention to the hot spots, is intensely arousing. Every good lover knows how to use his or her hands, the key is finding the perfect touch that your lover will writhe under. Getting the right touch is critical. Men generally want a firmer touch than women do, but let your partner be your guide. 

Have A Handful

When it comes to masturbating your man, here’s a hand job technique he won’t be able to resist and couldn’t possibly give himself. Clasp your lubricated hands together (we recommend a silicone based one as it lasts longer before drying out), fingers interlaced, snugly around the shaft of his penis. Move your hands up the shaft in one long twisting motion. Repeat the move back down the shaft. Now vary that move by eliminating the twist.

When he’s truly stiff, clasp your hands at the top of the shaft. Gently contract and release them around the shaft at approximately one-second intervals. Keep doing this up and down the shaft, stopping at the corona – the rim where the shaft meets the head. Alternate the twisting and contracting strokes till he’s ready to come. Then hold him firmly in both hands, gently contracting them in time with his spasms. Finish him off by running your thumb from the base of the shaft on the underside up to the head.


Sometimes you can really turn each other on by playing the way you did when you were young, before “sex” was a given. Outercourse is one you can try. Do this on the floor, sofa or even the bathroom. You can remove, or unbutton shirts, but the rule is that pants stay on. Tease and stroke each other’s genitals through the clothes. Lick, kiss, and nibble above the waist. Get into an intercourse position, either one of you on top, and simulate the action. Move fast and hard, but see if you have enough control to stop before reaching orgasm. This is just the warm up after all…

Sex Goddess

Don’t ask him for sex. Show him you want it. Put on a very sexy shirt and nothing else except black lace-topped thigh-high stockings and heels. Assume a provocative position with your back against the bed’s headboard, legs open and bent at the knees, bum elevated by a pillow or two. Give him a good view. Place two fingers in an inverted V straddling your clitoris as it’s a good hand position for encouraging your orgasm – and for showing him what you’ve got. Then, throw yourself into masturbation with abandon. Thrust your pelvis forward, pant and moan and show him how you like to be touched down there. Don’t be shy about incorporating a vibrator into your performance and by watching he may get some ideas on how to use the vibe to please you.


Tease your naked partner with a chocolate body paintbrush or a feather, paying particular attention to the genitals. Or, buy a feathered mask and take it in turns to wear it while performing oral sex. The feathers will dance and tickle in unexpected ways.

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