Does Size Matter?

Have you ever watched a porn movie where the guy has a small dick? I certainly haven’t. They’re all huge. Or at least of a decent size. And they go everywhere! In the mouths, in the front, in the back and sometimes even both at the same time! How they do it, I don’t know, but all I say is… Respect!

However, it is actually a myth that a guy needs to have a big penis for a woman to get pleasure. In fact, most big penises will slide right past one of the most important spots for a women’s pleasure – her G-Spot. The G-Spot is about two thirds of the way up the vaginal passage, on the wall closest to the belly button. The best way to pleasure it during sex, is by getting into the “doggy-style” position.

Men that have a medium sized penis that curves in towards their body have the perfect shape and size penis for stimulating the G-Spot during missionary position. This has the added benefit of him grinding his crotch into yours which will also stimulate your clit, giving you one of the best orgasms there is to have – the Blended Orgasm. Read more about that here.

A man that has a very large penis will not always be able to insert the full length of the shaft during sex. In fact, some are so large, that when they are erect, they are so heavy that they cannot stand up straight. If your man has one of these, then remember that the penetrative sex part of sex isn’t always the be-all, end-all of intimacy; mutual masturbation, oral sex, manual stimulation or stimulation with a sex toy; it’s all fair game, and all contributing to the same goal of satisfaction for both of you. When you do engage in penetrative sex, these three things will make it a lot more pleasurable:

  1. Use a lot of lube – even if you think you don’t need it, it will help ease the way in.
  2. Go slow! - Spend the first few minutes of penetration with him making shallow thrusts before going deeper; this will be more enjoyable for you, as the nerves that we derive the most sexual pleasure from reside in the first two to three inches inside the vagina. Have him work this sensitive spot for a while, then increase the insertion when you’re good and ready.
  3. Choose the right position - Sexual positions that offer you total control are the ones you should go for, as they allow you to dictate the depth and pace of penetration, and position him and his large penis exactly where you want them. With a well-hung guy, the classic girl-on-top position offers you this perfect amount of control, as you use your thighs to control depth, and get a great workout at the same time!

Now onto men with small penises. A small penis can be more of a problem. Unless you are particularly tight down there, the chances are that you will barely even feel when he’s inside. However, there are some positions that will help with this:

  1. Doggy Style - This position allows for some deeper penetration, plus it will enable his penis to rub against her G-spot and gives him direct access to her clitoris. From here, you can easily massage her clit using your hand or with a hand-held vibrator, like the We Vibe Gala.
  2. Swivel & Grind - Whichever position you choose, remember that “in and out” is not the optimal motion for her pleasure. Instead, try using a grinding motion with your hips or even a “swivel and screw” type of movement. These will make the most of your equipment and hit all of her pleasure spots.
  3. Her On Top - Being on top puts the perfect amount of pressure on her clitoris and allows her to control depth and angle of penetration. It also makes it easier for her to move in a way that feels pleasurable for her, and will give his penis much better access to her G-spot.

Also, consider embracing more toys into your bedroom play. The right sex toy can bridge the gap, so to speak, and bring more pleasure to both of you. If your penis is on the small side, these four products can help make up for that in different ways.

  1. Bad Kitty Cockring Penis Extender - This comfortable yet tight fitting penis and testicle ring features an externally grooved connector and a penis glans hood. The cock and ball rings will keep him restricted and rock hard while the penis head cover will desensitize for longer action and delay his ejaculation.
  2. Steamy Shades Inflatable Wedge - One of the biggest problems for little guys is that they slip out. Minimize that slippage by placing her in an ideal position that allows for deep penetration. The Inflatable Wedge will allow her to comfortably lay back with him kneeling on his knees, his penis perfectly lined up to her entrance. That way he can be in control of how much he pulls out with each thrust, allowing him to pulse inside of her without falling out.
  3. Screaming O Go Vibe Ring - Stretch this silicone ring over the base of the penis, with the firm silicone love bud facing up. Then, get to it. As you play, the bud will tap against her clit or against the sensitive, nerve-dense area around the anus, for a teasing, rhythmic sensation. Plus, the pressure of the ring makes him harder and more sensitive and can even make him appear bigger and last longer!
  4. We Vibe Sync - Enhance the feeling of fullness during sex with a man with a smaller penis with a couple’s toy like the We Vibe, a toy you actually wear during sex. The internal portion of the toy can make it feel as though he has more girth — and delivers simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation while you’re making love

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